While we often come across debuts featuring very young musicians, sometimes little more than teenagers, this is not the case for Nightfall Doom Metal, a duo formed by Bela Buia de Beaurepaire Rohan (vocals and lyrics) and Percy Hatchback (vocals and instruments). The duo’s project was initiated by Bela Buia, who identified funeral doom as the ideal way to set to music his own inner travails and a depth of thought worthy of further investigation; Percy, a musician known in Brazil for his militancy in Salinas Blues and Alma Blues, is in charge of all the instruments, which says a lot about his musical roots and consequently about the considerable leap he made from the music of the devil to that of destiny. Where Sad Souls Dwell surprises for its excellent melodic impact and for its rather naive approach to the genre: Bela Buia e Percy are certainly original artists and at the same time very spontaneous in their presentation, but certainly for Hatschbach the passage from blues singing to the darker and more dramatic one required by the funeral must not have been trivial. In fact, the use of a lowered and filtered tonality is not always convincing (better then when Percy lets himself go to a more emphatic interpretation close to the style of Roger Waters in The Wall), as well as Rohan’s acting is perfectible, and this represents the only weak point of a work otherwise convincing for the excellent research of sound solutions with a high emotional impact. But, on the other hand, in works of this kind formal perfection is certainly not the first goal sought by the listener, so we are immediately repaid by the poignant guitar lines of the opener Your Essence and by the sorrowful atmospheres that unfold along the more than fifty minutes of a debut not so predictable, given the amount of meat in the fire put by the duo, both from the point of view of musical influences and for the lyrical content.

2019 – Independent