One-woman bands are not very common in the extreme scene, even less so when it comes to black or death doom, and even more so when they come from the former Soviet region. The Ukrainian Yuliya Lykhotvor is a pleasant exception with the debut of her project called Sidus Atrum, with which she proposes a black doom that is convincing enough to deserve more than just a mention. Yuliya is very good with the growl, a little less with the scream, but overall in the vocal field deals with the necessary ease, while compositionally the sound is sharp and incisive at several junctures, taking as a possible reference compatriot Astaroth Merc and his Raventale, even if some deficiency in the production ends up expanding the defects typical of those who prefer DIY; this is not something irreparable, but it is still able to relegate Cold Silence to the status of a work not yet fully focused but preparatory to desirable future progressions.

2019 – Loneravn Records