Ruins Of The Past is a solo project of the Berlin musician Tobias Jäpel, whose genesis dates back to the beginning of the decade, even if the first release dates back to two years ago with the eponymous full length. Alchemy Of Sorrow: Gold is a work that confirms the good predisposition of the band to the construction of a melodic death doom of a certain effectiveness by virtue of a good guitar work fully functional to the cause. Personally, I prefer Tobias’s work when the rhythms slow down and the sound becomes more melancholic, a bit for personal taste but especially because it allows you to get out of the most predictable patterns of melodic death doom. The German musician does everything by himself and quite well and even the growl, although not the best, is still appreciable. The emblematic track of the work is Rust, not only the longest one but also the one in which the various nuances of the sound mix better without leaning strongly towards one or the other component. The shorter title track is also very beautiful and closes the ep with a melodic death doom that is at times poignant and convincing, as are all the tracks. Jäpel’s work shows how, without inventing anything new, but by introducing competence, passion and the right amount of talent, it’s possible to offer these sounds in the best way, letting us see a potential even higher than what was already expressed in Alchemy Of Sorrow: Gold.

2019 – Independent