Gas Chamber Hibernation is a solo project originally from South Carolina; his first three albums, A Future That Will Fail (2012), Lebensverkehr (2014) and Ill Will (2015), offered a rather minimal form of funeral, not without interesting ideas but perfectible in more than one step. The most recent Thanatos Beckons has clearly benefited from the time spent without releases, allowing our friend to refine both the executive and the compositional aspects; the album is a good example of atmospheric funeral that, in some passages, can remind us The Howling Void, especially when the keyboards lead the sound. If understandably compared to the work of Wilson you remain a few steps below in terms of overall quality, Gas Chamber Hibernation with this latest work prove to be a project to be taken into due consideration, even by virtue of the possibility of access to all albums for free download via bandcamp.

2019 – Independent