Sáwol – Past The Gate

Among the countless works churned out from the fertile Finnish soil in 2019, the second full length by Sáwol, a band dedicated to a death doom with wide alternative openings that deviates in part from the canons coming from their country of origin and that we have come to know well. If we want, just a certain heterogeneity could be the real limit of Past The Gate, although to tell the truth this does not imply a weighting of the sound in such a way as to make it particularly complex listening, in fact, the real and proso hook to the extreme area is the deep growl of Pekka Taina, committed to declaim lyrics steeped in Christian themes, another anomaly especially when it comes from northern European nations. Eleven tracks sufficiently concise and sharp are a good reason to give Sáwol a chance.

2019 – Independent