Blood of Sokar – Ruina I & II

Blood of Sokar come from Seattle and from some unofficial images one can deduce could be a duo. Sokar, in the Egyptian pantheon, was the funerary god of the necropolis of Memphis and was represented as a sort of mummy with the head of a falcon. The sound of the band that dedicates the moniker to him, in fact, together with a very horrific pace combines a hint of solemnity that can refer to those pyramids in which are enclosed for thousands of years secrets and mysteries guarded by creeping entities that go beyond the concept of life and death. After the eponymous ep published in 2017, Blood Of Sokar did not spare themselves when composing their next work, offering a small circle of rather resistant fans a full length, Ruina I & II, composed of eleven tracks for a good hour and three quarters of duration. What is proposed is a sort of prolonged immersion, an apnea that never seems to end, in function of an obsessive but not tedious approach, even if a work of such dimensions and sound must be sipped, because making it repeatedly for its entire length does not seem exactly the best way to assimilate it. The apparent repetitiveness is functional to the realization of a real macabre ritual from which some people end up being repelled and others, instead, hopelessly enthralled.

2019 – Independent