Reido – Anātman

After a good debut with F:\all in 2006, followed by the convincing -11 in 2011, the Belarusian Reido return to the full length after eight years, a very long time at the origin of which, as always, are the problems that daily afflict those who are not professional musicians, to which are almost always added misunderstandings, perhaps small but capable of curbing any creative impulse, between those who share the membership of a band. Although not so obvious, the new Anātman, which is lyrically influenced by Kachar’s approach to Buddhist meditation practices (the use of instruments such as horns and Tibetan bells is no coincidence), proves to be the ideal meeting point between the styles exhibited in the two previous works, with the notable addition of a human drummer in the person of Russian Dmitry Kochkin, who played in Vnezemie. The power and fullness of the riffs of -11 overlaps with the idea of a painful funeral of F:\all and the result is remarkable songs like The Serpent’s Mission, Liminal and Vast Emptiness, No Holiness, intense and not too penalized by an important chronometric development. Kachar’s growl, which conveniently replaces the industrial sludge scream used before, does the rest, giving Reido their own specific dimension within the ex-Soviet funeral scene, after having followed in the last decade a path almost the opposite of the more famous compatriots Woe Unto Me.

2019 – Aesthetic Death