Golgotha – Erasing The Past

Of the twenty or so bands that have adopted the Golgotha moniker, the one with the most important status is undoubtedly the creature founded by Vicente Paya and Amon Lopez in the early nineties. The Spanish band’s career was only marked by a certain continuity in that decade, since after the sporadic release of their third full length New Life in 2005, seven years after the previous one, another eighteen years had to pass before we could hear anything new. The return of the Palma de Mallorca band came at a time when the Spanish melodic death doom scene had elected other islanders Helevorn and Evadne as its standard bearers, so it was not easy to reclaim the sceptre after such a long silence. Erasing The Past doesn’t erase the past, as the title would suggest, but it also gives Golgotha a more modern and appealing look, allowing them to present themselves as a valid alternative within a movement full of both established and emerging names. Lopez confirms himself as a versatile and personal vocalist, while Paya’s writing satisfies the ear thanks to a series of robust and at the same time catchy songs in which there is also space for the contribution of some guests among which we must note the name of Josep Brunet of Helevorn, on vocals in the third track. Making up for lost time is never a trivial task but Golgotha, with this long-distance comeback, have laid the ideal foundations for it.

2019 – Xtreem Music