After nine years of silence, the Russian band Yantarnyye Slozy (Amber Tears) is back. Between 2006 and 2010 they gave doom fans two wonderful works such as Otkroveniye Otrechonnykh (Revelation Of Renounced) and Klyuch K Dekabryu (The Key To December). Kogda Net Trop (When No Trails) does not disappoint expectations with its five intense, emotional tracks, covered in that pagan folk patina that makes the band from faraway Penza so peculiar. Compared to the beginning, the line-up has remained almost unchanged, except for the role of the bass player who has always been the only one subject to changes, and this cohesion is perceptible within a work that is not too long and that shows no weak points whatsoever. As always, Amber Tears express themselves in their mother tongue, as well as the artwork and the name of the band and the album itself are displayed in Cyrillic, but as per convention and for convenience the transliteration into English is often used, so having to mention the key tracks of When No Trails we can only mention the two pearls entitled Where I Stayed and Where There Is No Spring, tracks with poignant and solemn melodies that stand out from a setlist of absolute level, in which only Under The Stars Light does not reach the excellence, perhaps departing too much from the usual coordinates of the sound. The return of this excellent band is yet another piece of good news in a 2019 that is bringing joy one after the other to doom fans, and you can bet that it’s not over yet.

2019 – BadMoodMan Music