When penetrating a tricky territory like that of depressive black, it is difficult to maintain a consistency and credibility equal to that exhibited for over 15 years by the Danish musician Ynleborgaz, aka Jakob Zagrobelny. Since the first self-titled album of his Make A Change… Kill Yourself project, Ynleborgaz, who is also the owner of another wonderful reality called Angantyr, has never missed a single album, managing to push to the maximum the mixture between the sense of desperation and the evocative and melodic potential of his approach to the genre. Oblivion Omitted is the fifth full length that ideally brings us right back to the debut, at least based on the numerical progression given to the tracks (there in fact the titles went from I to IV, while in this case they start from V to get to VIIII); if it seemed difficult to replicate even such heavy works as Fri and IV, here Ynleborgaz goes even further, because in this hour and a quarter of music there is only an oppressive suffering that winds almost without solution of continuity, if we exclude the environmental digressions at the end of the four long pieces and the piano digression at the end of VI. A masterpiece without ifs and buts, Oblivion Omitted embodies the very quintessence of DSBM.

2019 – Cursed Records