Monolithe’s propensity for numerology, more evident in the case of Nebula Septem, with seven tracks each of seven minutes, but already exhibited previously (three 15-minute tracks in Epsilon Aurigae and Zero Reticuli) returns also with Okta Khora and its recurrence of 4 and 8 to be decoded. What instead appears evident is the definitive and ineluctable detachment of Monolithe from the sounds of the beginnings to arrive at a multiform sound of great originality that maintains the unmistakable touch of the band, free to range and go lapping the hypothetical boundaries of that universe that Bégot continues to explore incessantly, showing more than ever that predilection for progressive reworked and weighted for the purpose in a unique way for style and results.

2019 – Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions