Deveikuth emerged in 2013 from Aix-en-Provence with their funeral drone sludge, devoid of any winks or melodic glimmers, a virtue and a limit for the trio who, after a few minor releases, made their long-distance debut in 2015 with VII-π-III. At the time, the line-up featured S.R., Alexinister and Zero, intent on offering what they themselves define as funeral drone – funeral noise – not music, perhaps a little too harshly in the latter case, given that there are far worse examples of non-music around. In reality Deveikuth play what can be defined as a very slow sludge, spiced with excruciating vocals and often marked by a reasoned but obsessive rhythm, without forgetting the obvious drifts of noise that make up a framework difficult to listen to, but not so much to make it unapproachable, being far from the extremism of Sektarism, for example. The 2016 ep O.Ø, the split album with the Swedish Pissboiler the following year and, finally, the second full length Cadavre, draw the picture described above in a very interesting way, even if far from a real idea of funeral.

2019 – Autoprodotto 2020 – Medusa Crush Recordings