Novembers Doom are one of those bands you can trust with your eyes closed, since each new work may not be a masterpiece capable of upsetting the metal hierarchies, but with reasonable certainty it will be the umpteenth solid piece of an unassailable career. Nephilim Grove, the eleventh full length of the band founded more than thirty years ago by Paul Kuhr, is no exception to what has been said and confirms the strongest trend undertaken by the band from Chicago since Aphotic, although more caressing and evocative moments are not lacking (the title track belongs to the Autumn Reflection category, but without reaching the heights of lyricism of that absolute musical pearl) even on this occasion. The magic and versatility shown in two works such as The Pale Haunt Departure and The Novella Reservoir belong to the past, because today what is offered by Novembers Doom despite the moniker is closer to death than to doom, but this happens without ever losing that imprint that makes it recognizable at different times the gait of a band unchanged in its elements in the last ten years, during which four albums have been produced eloquent about the degree of cohesion and reliability reached by Kuhr and members.

2019 – Prophecy Productions