One says: ‘Funeral is a sterile, monotonous genre, lacking in variation and completely predictable; sure, maybe there are bands that are interesting on a conceptual level, like Ahab with their references to the element of water, but find one that is German and decides, say, to sing in Sardinian…‘. We have that too, just ask… The first step of Nauthik, founded by two musicians from Cologne, Frank Damager and Eric Plorato, comes with the split album with fellow citizens Babylon Asleep, where they present just over twenty minutes of music that will flow into the 2019 full length Araganu: the title of the album means Hurricane in Sardinian, and most of the lyrics are inspired by the traditional Sardinian song Procurade ‘e Moderare, written by Francesco Ignazio Mannu in 1794. To put it into historical context, it is an anti-feudal song that highlights the strong identity of the Sardinian people and their propensity for seeking democracy and justice, so much so that it is considered the true hymn of Sardinia. Obviously it has been set to music by many of the island’s most illustrious musicians, but it was hard to imagine that it would make it onto a funeral doom album, especially by a German band. Damager (chirarra and bass) and Plorator (vocals), both of thrash death extraction having already been active for a few years with Damage Source, complete the line-up with drummer Javed Razzaq and show an approach that can be placed on the mobile borderline between funeral, death doom and sludge, in which the first component is more evident in the first half of the work, the one revolving around the Sardinian liberation song, while in the second one, of more dated coinage since it is the part taken from the split album, the rhythms become more intense landing to a corrosive death doom. The whole thing, however, takes on a constantly rocky and grim aspect, in deference to unusual themes for the genre as it is dedicated to concrete themes such as freedom from oppression rather than the more melancholic ones typical of doom related to the ephemeral earthly existence.

2019 – Auric Records