After the split with the Germans Lost, a new long-distance effort from Bosque arrives in 2019, entitled Cleansing. If we jump back three decades for the sake of comparison we can see that the substantial change in the work of the musician is essentially and inevitably only the cleanliness of the sound, because the approach remains basically the same, even if the last track Static is probably the peak in the melodic sense of the entire production. In this fourth full length maybe that little bit of spontaneity that made the previous works more appealing is missing, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that the work proves to be absolutely up to the level of what has already been done in the past, as the basic elements remain unchanged, with the use of slow and heavy sounds, but at the same time disturbing and graceful, that describe fluctuating and dreamlike scenarios, changing according to the listener’s predisposition. In conclusion, it can be said that Daniel Miranda’s work in all these years represents a form of funeral at the antipodes of the more atmospheric side of the genre, but not for this reason to be underestimated, on the contrary: the music of Bosque aims to dig deep into the soul, leaving wounds and lacerations that are difficult to heal.

2019 – Bubonic Doom