Angellore – Rien Ne Devait Mourir

The album under review is the last one released by the French Angellore, a work that 5 years after the previous one gives us back a band of value that has repeatedly demonstrated to have the potential to write important pages within the gothic doom. The main talent of the French band has always been to produce with great continuity atmospheres and poignant melodies with great emotional impact. Rien Ne Devait Mourir is an album that shows a natural evolution from the already excellent long-distance debut Errances and the following La Litanie Des Cendres: all this happens without the peculiar characteristics of the band from Avignon being minimally affected. The very long opening track A Romance Of Thorns is the ideal musical manifesto of the stylistic path pursued by Rosarius, Walrane and Ronnie since their first steps, taken about fifteen years ago; a first-rate melodic taste is enhanced by a symphonic nature that envelops the listener without any delay or mediation, with the only exception of a song like Blood For Lavinia, a gothic rock surprisingly close to The 69 Eyes. One of the characteristics that I most appreciate in Angellore is their approach that, in some way, brings back both stylistically and compositionally to the end of the last century: it is not difficult to see in the sound of the transalpine flashes that recall now the drama of the Portuguese Desire, now the evocative gothic symphonic pace of Lacrimosa in Inferno to get to the classical heritage of the Italian Inner Shrine. All this, well mixed, finds space in this beautiful work, endowed with great fluidity and sufficiently varied to satisfy fans from the most varied tendencies. If we want to look for the hair in the egg, there is still a vocal compartment that can be improved at some points in the use of the various timbres used (whether it’s the female one in its lyrical episodes or the male one in scream or clean) but in my opinion this is the only irrelevant drawback resulting from a naive approach that puts emotion and immediacy before the search for sterile formal perfection.

2020 – Finisterian Dead End / The Vinyl Division