Dawn Of Solace – Waves

Tuomas Saukkonen in the first decade of the century has been active simultaneously with several solo projects between death and gothic doom, including Before The Dawn, Dawn Of Solace, Black Sun Aeon and Routasielu; in 2013, however, the musician from Lathi decided to channel all his resources into Wolfheart, thus creating a real band with which he proposed a handful of albums under the banner of a valid melodic death. So the return with the moniker Dawn Of Solace in 2019 came somewhat unexpected with the release of two singles in preparation for the release of Waves, the second full length of the project after the beautiful The Darkness, dating back to 2006. Enlisting as vocalist a prominent name in the Finnish death doom scene as Mikko Heikkil√§ of Kaunis Kuolematon, Saukkonen offers a convincing work, full of a gothic doom with an intense melodic afflatus well distributed in the seven songs among which, willingly or unwillingly, to stand out are just the two singles mentioned, Lead Wings and Ashes, placed at the beginning of the tracklist. This doesn’t turn out to be a big problem, since the other songs are up to the task, but it’s inevitable that firing the best cartridges right away can cause some counter-indications in the long run; Tuomas’ proven knowledge of the matter and Mikko’s magnificent clean timbre, which we got to know thanks to the works with his mother band, cancel this possible gap. Waves is a very welcome return for Dawn Of Solace and, at this point, we wait for news about Saukkonen’s another possible comeback with Before The Dawn.

2020 – Noble Demon