Texans In Oblivion have carved out a certain fame in a few years thanks to two ep’s and a well-executed full length; born on the push of Justin Buller (guitar, keyboards and vocals), the band debuted in 2015 with the self-titled ep based on a traditional and heavy funeral. The good ep was a prelude to something interesting over the long distance, and that happened in 2018 with Memories Engraved In Stone, in which the Austin-based quintet tried with a fair amount of success to cloak their sound in a dark and impenetrable veil, although things were better when it got more rarefied and atmospheric rather than in the rougher moments. The ep Oblivion, preparatory to the release of a new full-length, has only one track that denotes further progress in the melodic sense with a band very adept at supporting the good writing of the leader.

2020 – Black Lion Records