Dark Matter is the name of the new project created by the two Iranian musicians Aria Moghaddam and Mehdi 14CH, who surround themselves for this debut work entitled Nebula To Black Hole with many international guests, including some prominent ones. The sound oscillates between dark, doom and alternative and has as its starting point the inspiration provided by bands like Anathema and Antimatter and all in all it’s no coincidence that among the names of those who contributed to the album, albeit with a short vocal part or instrumental passages, there are Daniel Cavanagh and Luis Fazendeiro, who although he has never been part of Antimatter has used the voice of Mick Moss in his Sleeping Pulse. Among the other guests that those who frequent dark shores and close to doom should know there are the inevitable Dèhà, Ana Carolina of Mourning Sun, Thomas Helm of Empyrium and Cecilie Langlie of Omit; all this involves, as often happens in similar projects, a certain heterogeneity of songs, often subject to the characteristics of those who participate from time to time, but overall to dominate and convince more is a cosmic aura that is expressed in dreamy tracks and connotations ambient, even more than rock or metal. A really interesting test that brings to light new musical talents from places where expressing themselves artistically is anything but easy.

2020 – My Kingdom Music