The arrival to an important status by a band has as a side effect the contextual increase of expectations by audiences and critics; this can lead paradoxically to the underestimation of albums that would be impeccable if taken individually but that in an overall view maybe do not stand comparison with the previous ones. In the case of Doomraiser, this had already happened to me on the occasion of Mountains Of Madness compared to Erasing The Remembrance and the thing is repeated on the occasion of the recent The Dark Side Of Old Europe if compared to Reverse. In the first case, I was not convinced by the increase of the psychedelic component of the sound compared to the predecessor, while in this last episode what strikes me negatively is a sort of normalization of the Roman band’s sound. Mind you, for what it’s worth my thought, Doomraiser are the best Italian doom band of the new millennium and the last work strengthens its position instead of weakening it, but I can’t help regretting those wild traits and that urgency that overflowed from a work like Erasing The Remembrance and that had resurfaced powerfully in Reverse.

2020 – Time To Kill Records