Shallow Grave – Threshold Between Worlds

That of the New Zealanders Shallow Grave is a sludge doom brought to its extreme consequences. The Auckland band, in this second effort dating back to last fall and about five years later than the self-titled debut, exhibits the less persuasive face (if there is one) of the genre, opting for an exploration in its most noisy and experimental. In less than forty minutes the four tracks pour on the listener a mountain of mud intersected by drone sequences, all with the necessary clarity of purpose to avoid making the whole a jumble of indistinguishable sounds. Even in the faraway Auckland you want to rummage through the deepest meanders of existence until you turn upside down the bowels, and this Shallow Grave do it much better than most of the related bands for approach and modus operandi. A reason that is enough to give a chance to this excellent Threshold Between Worlds.

2018 – Sludgelord Records