Oakmord – We Were Always Alone

What seemed to be a further step aimed at consolidating the status achieved, namely the split album The Symmetry Of Grief with Russians Who Dies in Siberian Slush released in 2014, actually marked the swan song of the history of My Shameful, started by Sami Rautio at the beginning of the new millennium. This did not represent, however, the conclusion of the musical journey of the Finnish musician who, in 2016, reappeared with a solo project called Kadotettu (in Finnish, damned) under the banner of a black ambient with often slowed down and experimental traits, in all a sort of more claustrophobic and exasperated version at the rhythmic level than what was done with My Shameful. All this was the natural prelude to We Were Always Alone, the first full length by Oakmord; what to all intents and purposes should be considered a direct emanation of My Shameful (the bandcamp is reported on the eloquent phrase “out of the grave of My Shameful, into the woods of Oakmord“), including the confirmation of the drums of the most recent and established partner of Rautio, the German J├╝rgen Frohling, seems to start again from that funeral more orthodox of the first albums, continuing not to make too many discounts from the point of view of the darkness of the content but highlighting a more reflective and at the same time melodic. The brevity of the work allows you to appreciate without too much effort the four songs offered, faithful mirrors of a genre interpreted without frills or contamination, but only with a heart swollen with a sense of constant precariousness and inadequacy.

2020 – Wroth Emitter Productions