On Thorns I Lay – Threnos

The Greeks On Thorns I Lay belong to that group of bands that have helped give shape and substance in the nineties to gothic doom with female vocals, reaching its peak with a cult album like Crystal Tears (1999). The band continued to produce decent albums until the early years of the century and then took a long break in 2015 with Eternal Silence, followed three years later by Aegean Sorrow; the latter work marked a decisive shift towards a form of melodic death doom as robust as evocative, entrusting the voice to the only Stefanos Kintzoglou, one of the two surviving founders of the band along with guitarist Christos Ragamestianos. All this, although the good performance, did not presage the arrival of an album of above average level as this Threnos, a collection of intense songs, rocky and moving as we have not heard for a long time. Seven tracks without weak points, enveloping and melodic, often bejeweled by the refined keyboard work of the good Antonis Venturis, help to bring up the On Thorns I Lay‘s name, to heights not far from that Olympus where the maximum exponents of the genre are seated.

2020 – Lifeforce Records