After the closure of the adventure with Woebegone Obscured, Danny Jonsson did not take long to get back on track reappearing today with Funeral Chasm, a band in which he takes care of the voice and all the instruments, except the guitar entrusted to Sjaelepest (Morten Lund). The ep titled I offers three tracks that bring the sound back to the canons of funeral even if certain restlessness and oscillations of the sound can not be completely erased by someone who was one of the supporting beams of a band oblique as few. This return to darker and slower sounds does not mean renouncing to liquid instrumental inlays, as well as clean vocals that are now fully in focus without being liable to objections (magnificent in this sense the central part of This Path Leads To Anxiety). Although initially the project was born with the characteristics of the classic touch and go, the subsequent release of two good singles like The Skeleton Secret and Mesmerizing Clarity actually shows that the plans have changed, so much so that in 2021 is scheduled to release a full length under the auspices of Aestethic Death.

2020 – Old Skull Productions