Khazad-dûm – Hymns From The Deep

Although the Khazad-dûm‘s gestation began at the record level in 2015 with the single Stones Of Sorrow, what can be called the actual debut is the full length Hymns From The Deep, released after five years without giving signs of life. The conformation of the Reading band is quite curious, since it consists of a musician composer, Daniel Scrivener, a vocalist, Matthew Surry, and the author of the lyrics, such Myrddin Evans, a Scrivener’s childhood friend and, like him, infatuated with the imaginary tolkenians. The album unfolds musically accompanying the Surry’s voice, who sings the lyrics taken from the poem written by Evans; everything does not flow perfectly but it turns out to be equally very intriguing, because the atmosphere created offers a good alternation between epic passages and threatening moments, paying homage in a very devoted way to the author of The Lord of the Rings. Hymns From The Deep probably won’t remain in history as one of the best funeral albums, but the time everyone would spend listening to it won’t be wasted at all.

2020 – I Hate Records