Frayle – 1692

After a few releases of reduced minutes, Frayle, a Cleveland group led by the couple formed by guitarist Sean Bilovecky and vocalist Gwyn Strang, make their long-distance debut; if the ep The White Witch had received good acclaim, a more reason this should also happen for this 1692, which maintains the main features of that output but defining them even better, thanks to the landing to a real band conformation. All this involves the exaltation to the umpteenth power of the contrast between a sound constantly threatening, though almost never pushed on too extreme shores, and the subtle and adolescent tone offered by Gwyn, a woman actually much more mature (as well as beautiful); what could be a limit in reality turns into a kind of added value, able to differentiate Frayle from those that are the most common and approved reality devoted to dark sounds at the limits of gothic, overpowered by a voice with lyrical connotations or however much more invasive. Wanting to try to make a useful parallelism to circumscribe Frayle stylistically, it doesn’t seem far-fetched to consider them a sort of American version (therefore more stoner than gothic) of what Trees Of Eternity were before the poor Aleah’s disappearance, with all the differences arising from the musical backgrounds of their respective main composers.

2020 – Aqualamb Records