Walk Through Fire – Vår Avgrund

Performing The Music Of Arvo Pärt, a live album released in 2017 and dedicated to a reworking of the Estonian musician’s work, was important to Walk Through Fire beyond its own excellent success. In fact, the teachings derived from that experience can be found in Vår Avgrund, the Swedish band’s first work sung in the mother tongue; the quartet was joined by organist Tomas Hulenvik and already this element further characterizes a sound that has once again become harsher, essential and slowed down, but no less exposed to experimentation, as evidenced by the track Vägar Mot Slutet, in which the guest sax Malin Wättrings leaves an indelible mark. All this makes the work not easy to assimilate, but as we know it’s not after the first step in the reader that we must surrender to the presence of these sounds, perseverance rewards with interest those who are not afraid to be searched in the depths of music from the great artistic depth, although apparently inaccessible to the profane.

2020 – Wolves and Vibrancy Records