This is the debut album for Inno, a Roman band formed by names well known in the Italian metal scene such as bassist Marco Mastrobuono, guitarist Giuseppe Trionfera, singer Elisabetta Marchetti and especially drummer Giuseppe Orlando. Such a configuration can only be suggestive of a positive outcome and this occurs punctually with The Rain Under, work cataloged roughly within the gothic doom even if Inno keep quite far from the stylistic elements of the genre preferring a more rough and progressive approach, oriented to a modern sound that sometimes puts a strain on the excellent Marchetti’s voice, able to disentangle the best among the scores anything but linear architected by his three companions of adventure. As said, the cast offers ample guarantees and the expectations are maintained thanks to a series of songs that are not always immediately usable but, in the long run, are able to reveal a depth that can escape after a hurried listening. All these are good reasons to discover this album for which you can limit to object on the relative originality of the offer, but when you express yourself at a level such as that achieved by Inno in The Rain Under don’t remain to make excessive considerations.

2020 – Time To Kill Records