Monumentum Damnati – In the Tomb of a Forgotten King

Monumentum Damnati’s debut is certainly not the work that will be remembered for its innovative potential, but it’s still more than worthy of carving out an important space in the hearts of fans of symphonic black doom. The band led by the mysterious Abhoth is formed by musicians of great depth, at ease with the airy scores excellently assembled in the studio by Filippos Koliopanos (On Thorns I Lay, Ocean Of Grief) and precisely, although the band’s origin is not entirely known, a certain taste for melody cloaked by a precise orchestral symphonic accompaniment refers to the Hellenic land with references to Septic Flesh as well as Nightfall’s golden moments. In the Tomb of a Forgotten King flows well, with its horror plots described by Thanatos’ voice, sufficiently varied to keep the listener captivated to a work objectively difficult to enjoy, at least remaining in the field of extreme metal symphonic and melodic matrix. Definitely recommended.

2020 – GrimmDistribution