Esogenesi – Esogenesi

Debut for Esogenesi, a young Milanese band that chooses to engage in the most anti-commercial genre par excellence as doom in its most extreme form. The search for an unpopular artistic expression gives that dose of peculiarity that maybe is not evident from the musical content of a work like this, under the banner of a death doom tradition whose dictates are reworked with a veteran competence and with a conviction that never leaves any doubt about the success of the operation. In fact, Esogenesi is a rocky album, strictly based on the intertwining between the guitars and a rhythmic base that is brought to great prominence in the compositional schemes exhibited by the Lombard band; if on the one hand we don’t find any concession to atmospheric openings, on the other hand we don’t even detect an excessive unbalance towards the harshness of death and the result is inevitably characterized by a masterful balance of the components called into question. The riffing is heavy and cadenced but not entirely devoid of a melodic idea, although well wrapped in a thick cocoon that finds its outlet in interesting passages of lead guitar, as happens in the magnificent Astral Decay. As you can guess from the title of this song, the Esogenesi‘s concept focuses essentially on the meaning of their moniker and is linked to issues that cross the boundaries of the earth to sail in the infinite spaces of the universe; despite this, the death doom proposed is not cloaked in an aura cosmic or psychedelic, and it’s precisely because of its effective essentiality and orthodoxy that the quartet’s work from that of other contiguous reality in our peninsula as (Echo), Plateau Sigma, Fuoco Fatuo or Il Vuoto, all in one way or another oriented to the inclusion in their sound of post metal or experimental suggestions.

2019 – Transcending Obscurity Records