Grave Solace is the solo project of Ayman Ibrahim, who made himself known in the new century with a series of releases inaugurated by a single in 2004 and continued with several full lengths, Tears Of Darkness (2006), Dead Swan Lake (2007), Repentance For Graveness End (2009), Recitations From A Dreary Funeral (2013), as well as with the compilation Words From Grave in 2015, which somehow summarizes what has been done so far. The sorrowful but very essential funeral offered by the Cairo musician finds new momentum and a certain progression with the recent Night For…, an ep of good qualitative and sonic thickness, in which participates as a guest in the opener From My Grave Francesco Torresi, In Lacrimaes Et Dolor’s vocalist. Archived the previous works, with a discreet potential but littered with imperfections, this last one presents atmospheric sounds but at the same time dark that unfold basically along the three first tracks, leaving out the outro ambient: the level reached can be considered satisfactory, taking into account the long period of silence since the previous release of unreleased material, but obviously to make a decisive leap in quality needs something more, especially with regard to the continuity in evoking emotions, a fundamental requirement when you want to offer a funeral from the atmospheric traits. In this sense, a track like Pale Naked Tree, clearly inspired by Skepticism, can be a good base on which to lay a solid foundation.

2020 – Independent