Aasverus – Enígmas de Aasverus

In the Brazilian funeral also Aasverus find their place, even if they are not entirely orthodox interpreters of the genre, bastardised with black metal also by virtue of a brutal scream (too much), and with sludge, this more in the debut L.U.A.R. (2009) than in the last Enígmas de Aasverus, a work from which no trace of modernization of a consolidated style leaks out, but that doesn’t leave room for frills or atmospheric melodic afflatus. Nothing to do, then, with HellLight’s painful elegance: here the sound winds dirty and grim but not without charm, so that a possible definition of funeral black old school could fit like a glove for the band founded at the beginning of the century by vocalist Thrasher and drummer Mantus. Aasverus is the name of the legendary wandering Jew, the one who interrupted the Christ’s ascent to Calvary, receiving in return the homage of an immortality without peace and in constant movement. The history of Belo Horizonte band, if you look closely, has something that keeps faith with the moniker, between whirling back and forth in training and an alternation between disbandments and rebirths, a destiny in constant becoming that has yielded, however, only two albums in almost twenty years of activity.

2020 – Tales From The Pit Records