Ecnephias – Seven – The Pact Of Debauchery

Ecnephias is also a band whose evolution in the course of fifteen years lends itself to an examination founded on a consistent data base. After the explosion with Inferno in 2011 and its magnificent sequel Necrogod two years later, the following works had shown a gradual shift from harsher atmospheres to a form of gothic metal more sweetened but formally flawless and full of songs of great quality, scattered in the self-titled album and in The Sad Wonder Of The Sun. Three years later, the return with Seven – The Pact Of Debauchery shows a decline that can also be physiological in a band that has always been so far in constant ascent, but the fear is that this was not extraneous to the exit from the band of Mancan’s longtime companion, keyboardist David Sicarius D’Andrea, whose contribution in the compositional phase was not at all marginal. The album shows more than a glimpse of the Ecnephias of the recent past, with the best found in the tracks sung in Italian and some more rhythmic and pressing episodes, but overall it offers more than in other occasions the feeling of being a collection of songs rather unconnected and in some cases not completely in focus. There was a moment in the middle of the last decade when I would have bet with my eyes closed on the definitive Ecnephias’ consecration, even from the point of view of popularity and commercial diffusion of their music; this did not happen and it’s a pity, because I have the unpleasant feeling that the right train has already passed, even if I hope with all my heart to be wrong and to find again at the next round the same band that was able to elaborate at best the lesson of Moonspell and Rotting Christ, that is the gotha of the southern European metal.

2020 – My Kingdom Music