After the golden age of the 90s, I must admit that currently, among the few forms of black that I still listen to, I prefer those strongly oriented to depressive for their raw ability to evoke without filters the inescapable despair that often dulls the human mind. Excellent cantors of these sounds are now Lebenssucht, a band that since the beginning has included musicians from various countries (among which Déhà in 2016 ep Fucking My Knife); the first full length is entitled -273,15° C and is yet another journey between blood and spurts and everything related to a self-harm exhibited without any particular mediation. The sound is pressing, corrosive and but also melodic, despite everything, resulting in a more robust and articulated version of the more classic DSBM. The German vocalist S Caedes (Anett Hauzu) and the Belgian singer and drummer Ahephaim (Arnaud Vansteenkiste), both at the head of the band since the beginning, don’t spare a heartbreaking scream that stands out on an obsessive instrumental work, incessant but very well articulated. In perspective, Lebenssucht represent the most logical path that today’s black metal should take.

2020 – Thanatoskult