Lustre‘s prposal belongs to the category by divisive effect in the metal field; in fact, what has been offered for over a decade by the Swedish musician Nachtzeit (Henrik Sunding) is a form of black ambient that takes its cue from the teaching of the various Mortiis and Burzum and then be sweetened in a melodic and atmospheric sense, ending up becoming a pleasant soundtrack to the daily events to be used as an alternative to the more canonical ambient of the Glass/Eno school. Without wishing to be disrespectful, Lustre‘s music seems almost like a Mulino Bianco compared to that proposed by its illustrious Scandinavian counterparts in the last century, but this is not a negative judgment in itself, since the notes present in Ashes Of Light are very pleasant and anything but cloying. Obviously this is not even something essential or particularly original, since even today there are several realities around that try in a similar way to Lustre with better results but often even worse, maybe getting equally good commercial feedback. The synthesis of all this is that I like the music produced by the Ostersund musician and I think that most of the critics are sometimes too severe towards him only for their own reasons.

2020 – Nordvis Produktion