In 2016 the Belgians Jef Van de Weghe and Jense Philips, respectively guitarist and drummer of the progressive death band Moss Upon The Skull, give life to Dwaellicht with which, as a duo, they release the single-track demo Het Duistere Licht, a good example of atmospheric and melancholic funeral. After a long lull, Jef and Jense come back to life in 2020 with the ep Te Vuur En Te Zwaard with which they offer another twenty minutes of unreleased music, not including the re-release of Het Duistere Licht. The sources of inspiration cited by the Brussels duo are Mournful Congregation, Skepticism and early My Dying Bride and Anathema and, after listening to the work, there is nothing to object to: Dwaellicht‘s funeral proves competent and well executed at every juncture, deserving a round of encouragement to continue in a more convinced way with this project still in the making.

2020 – Cavernous Records / Back from the Grave Tapes