Umbra Deformis – II: The Last Judgment

In a Bosnia that for many reasons has remained marginal at the metal level, even taking into account only the scene of former Yugoslavia, deserves a mention the solo project Umbra Deformis, whose author, Lost from Sarajevo, offers a demo and an ep for a total of fifty minutes of discrete funeral doom instrumental. The second of the two works, II: The Last Judgment showed a certain deviation from the technical and stylistic point of view compared to I: Funeral of Mankind, dating back three years ago. While that work possessed all the classic stigmata of the atmospheric funeral, with slow rhythms and melodic guitar lines not despicable but not even capable of leaving a mark, in the most recent of the two releases the sound acquires stoner nuances and at the same time not far from certain dark wave, while maintaining the imprint of the darkest doom. As already written about Luna, Umbra Deformis lacks only the word, because the absence of sung parts ends up leaving the listener that sense of incompleteness that in similar situations can be compensated only by a sound compartment well above average.

2020 – Independent