Exgenesis – Solve Et Coagula

The splendid ep Aphotic Veil, released in 2015, seemed to have remained the isolated output of an extemporary project such as Exgenesis, led by the compositional talent of Jari Lindholm and flanked by the masterful growl of Alejandro Lotero, who would contribute a few years later to the success of the debut of Gogo Melone’s Aeonian Sorrow. In fact, that year coincided with the beginning of a rather prolonged hiatus by the Swedish musician, interrupted with the resurrection of Exgenesis before Enshine, with this first full length entitled Solve Et Coagula. Drummer Christian Netzell (formerly of In Mourning) has been called in to shore up the duo, so that all the ingredients seem to have been put in place: so it’s, in fact, because Solve Et Coagula offers eight tracks that represent the state of the art of melodic death doom, thanks to a production that enhances the mastery of Lindholm and members and a songwriting without frills and directed without delay to the big target, hit by as many arrows full of melancholic abandonment that find their ideal sublimation in a song like Stasis. Jari throws the ball back into the Finnish half of the field, waiting for one of the many protagonists to respond adequately as is easily predictable.

2020 – Rain Without End Records / Naturmacht Productions