Noctu – Gelidae Mortis Imago

Noctu is the solo project dedicated to funeral founded in the last decade by the homonymous musician from Crema, simultaneously involved in different black metal realities; the first release dates back to 2016 with the ep Tempus Abire Tibi Est, a work that highlighted those features then made in a more extended form with the 2017 following full length Illuminandi – Esoterica Illuminazione Ermetica. In that first long-distance work, the Lombardy musician exhibited a funeral bare but supported by a keyboard background and punctuated by piano passages, often of ambient matrix; the result was engaging for the regulars of the genre as well as difficult to digest for casual listeners and this was due to an approach to the matter completely free of yielding to the temptation to approach in a less intransigent way. The 2019 compilation Compendium Mortis – A Compilation in Respect Of Death, including unreleased tracks composed in the past, is the ideal introduction to the second full length Gelidae Mortis Imago, a work which lacks nothing really to expand the scope of Noctu‘s work, both for its intrinsic quality and also for the support of an emerging label as the Indian Transcending Obscurity Records, skilled in adequately pushing the bands that are part of its roster. The compositional scheme does not change compared to the past, but some keyboard solutions become more pressing and obsessive, drawing from the malevolent and horrific Goblin’s touch, obviously leading back to the funeral field. Noctu with Gelidae Mortis Imago releases an oppressive and dangerously magnetic work; the three long songs for over an hour of music are interspersed or anticipated by short instrumentals and the only glimmers of light come from guest Mournful Congregation’s Justin Hartwig, with his guitar touch recognizable to those who love the Australian band.

2020 – Transcending Obscurity Records