As written about the debut full length Eremozoic, Eugen Kohl’s Sinister Downfall only needed a quick confirmation to attract some more attention; this happens with the release of A Dark Shining Light, a work that not only consolidates but even strengthens the positive impressions left by the previous work; this happens without any variation to the stylistic schemes previously exhibited and, in this regard, I wonder why too often I read complaints arising from an alleged repetitiveness of the genre when, instead, it is to maintain high and unchanged the level of despair and abandonment offered every time. When during the fourteen minutes of the title track you hear the guitar wailing literally, before the instruments in unison unite to evoke the maximum possible anguish and then retreat like a tide, leaving on the ground a battery that always seems to arrive a moment later than expected, the synthesis of all this is that, like it or not, this is the funeral as it should be played and whoever is looking for music that satisfies their mental lucubrations can go elsewhere.

2020 – Funere