Forgotten Tomb – Nihilistic Estrangement

Trying to review a Forgotten Tomb‘s album turns out to be an almost pleonastic exercise since, when you come across a new work by one of the most important bands ever in the Italian extreme scene, paraphrasing an old commercial, the word is enough. Let’s not misunderstand, however, since that old commercial recommended the use of a well-known laxative: the new album of Forgotten Tomb certainly does not cause such effects, but it turns out, as expected, yet another substantial piece placed within a discography reached with Nihilistic Estrangement the tenth long-distance work. This is how much and it’s all in all superfluous to go into particular examinations, except to affirm that this last work doesn’t show drops of inspiration nor particular variations on a theme that Ferdinando Marchisio and members continue to propose to proof of every criticism, because since the first note of every album is immediately identified who are the authors, and this in some way closes every discussion on the apparent repetitiveness of a successful formula.

2020 – Agonia Records