Let’s take a step back and talk about an excellent album that, due to its release right at the beginning of the pandemic explosion, has not received the attention it deserved. I’m talking about Six Hours by Silvered, a band founded in Apulia about fifteen years ago and of which the only one of the founders still in the saddle is the vocalist Daniele Rini. If conceptually the work is centered on themes such as witchcraft and inquisition, from a strictly musical point of view we are in the presence of a death doom with progressive and atmospheric traits in which the points of reference are on the one hand Swallow The Sun and the other Novembre, not only for the presence of Carlo and Giuseppe Ferilli in the line-up who have been part of the seminal Roman band in the recent past, albeit as live musicians. Moreover, in the longest track of the work, Violent Circles, is present as a guest on vocals just Carmelo Orlando, but it would be reductive to lead the work of Silvered to this noble influence, because in reality Six Hours appears varied and multifaceted, and if originality can be at the limit the only attackable point of the album, for the rest there is nothing to object both from the executive point of view, with the remarkable Rini’s vocal performance in all styles adopted, and from that of intensity and depth of a sound oscillating between caressing acoustic moments and robust passages, always provided with a well-defined melodic base. Six Hours is a valuable album that deserves to be rediscovered, considering that its release on BadMoodMan, Solitude Productions’ sub label, is still relatively recent.

2020 – BadMoodMan Music