The new album of Plateau Sigma, Symbols – The Sleeping Harmony Of The World Below, is the third long-distance work as well as the new qualitative peak of an artistic path in constant ascent. If the previous Rituals had already convinced completely, this new work shows a face even better defined and balanced in its constant oscillation between the typical roughness of funeral death doom and the more educated post metal strides at the beginning of the millennium, when Anathema had not yet completely repudiated their metal roots. In this sense, the combination is favored by the clean voice of Manuel Vicari that never as in this juncture comes close to that of Vincent Cavanagh: a voice timbre that as always finds its natural counterpart in the deep growl of Francesco Genduso. The two guitarists/singers continuously exchange the task of leading the sound now on darker and threatening shores, now in more liquid and enveloping landings, without ever losing a sound depth that the rhythmic couple composed by Maurizio Avena and Nino Zuppardo emphasizes in a precise and far from obvious way. That offered by Plateau Sigma is an hour of music devoid of weaknesses or superfluous passages, in the name of the constant search for variations on the theme that follow each other without ever losing the common thread, leaving space for an arid experimentalism. Each track offered by the Riviera quartet is striking and captivating, and the fact that my personal preferences go to the intense and incisive progression of A Parody Of Medea and the nervous crescendo of The White Virgin is a marginal fact, because it takes just a moment to be captured by the rougher Heterochromia or by the dreamy and liquid The Child Of The Presence. If ever there was a need for further confirmation, Symbols goes even further, consecrating in a definitive and indisputable way Plateu Sigma as one of the most important realities of the Italian scene, not only in the narrow field of doom metal.

2019 – Avantgarde Music