Chilean Lapsus Dei are one of the longest-lived death doom bands in their country, boasting origins that still date back to the last century. In terms of full length, this latest Sea of Deep Reflections is only the fourth, despite a long road, but the outcome more than makes up for this relative stinginess of composition. If the good signals had come from the previous split album in the company of Officium Triste, newly released work shows a band with a great melodic taste that is put at the service to scores never too dramatic but melancholic and melodic in the right measure, without even draw some incursion into territories close to grunge, without this appearing particularly out of place. The band led and founded by guitarist Rodrigo Poblete makes use of a vocalist of great thickness as Alejandro Giusti, who proves to be perfect with his interpretation sufficiently versatile in making effective and usable a compositional work of value.

2020 – Sliptrick Records