Often we make the mistake of evaluating the work of a band looking for quality peaks here that objectively are the prerogative of a few champions, but this does not mean that those who are maintained with great regularity at a high average level at each release does not deserve as much attention. To this last category belong The Drowning, worthy exponents of that British school that, in fact, the doom death has invented: arrived at their fifth full length in about fifteen years of activity, these Welsh led by the excellent vocalist Matt Small reach the highest point of their already remarkable production, thanks to a competence and mastery in handling the material absolutely irrefutable. Splendid tracks such as In Cold Earth, All That We Need Of Hell and Blood Marks My Grave are tangible examples of The Drowning‘s ability to combine the harshness of death with a melodically evocative gait: obviously the imprint of the masters of the genre is outlined at more than one juncture in the course of the work, but the band from Cardiff is widely tested and is able to provide, thus, a product sufficiently personal and convincing in all its parts. The Radiant Dark is not a work that can be placed in the Olympus of immortal works, but it is definitely a beautiful album, worthy of repeated and satisfying listening by those who love the genre.

2019 – Transcending Obscurity Records