In some ways unexpected, seven years after the seemingly extemporary Song For Summer James Hooper releases a new album under the name Apathetic titled Infurnose, a work rather similar to the previous one for conformation if not, perhaps, for a less pronounced atmospheric propensity and a mood overall darker. Although the digital version imposes the division into two tracks, Infurnose consists in fact only one long song of about seventy minutes, like its predecessor from the rhythmic trend without any particular jolts so the listening is certainly not aimed at casual users of the genre. In any case remains the feeling of a work not at all superfluous and sufficiently enjoyable, although with all the limits arising from its particular structure although, in its second part, melodic openings are manifested more pronounced capable of making the listening easier. On the whole, Hooper’s work is not to be considered as superfluous, considering the premises and the characteristics of his project.

2020 – Independent