Felipe V. is a Chilean musician who was part, albeit for a short period, even of the now dissolved and previously mentioned Mar De Grises: his path with Aura Hiemis started at the beginning of the century between different musical directions, monikers and accompanists, until it was published in 2005 the first full length Terra Umbrarum – Ruin & Misery, under the banner of a sound veered towards a gothic death doom that drew from the usual known Paradise Lost, Type 0 Negative and sometimes even Moonspell. It was with the second long-distance work of 2008, While The Rest Of The World Sleep…, that the funeral propensities began to become more evident even if, to be clear, the first album defined in all respects afferent to the genre was the most recent Silentium Manium, since also fiVe, of 2013, was nothing but the review of songs already proposed in the early years of Aura Hiemis’s life. After a split album and a live album, the publication of the beautiful single Eve in the spring of 2020 anticipated the release of the full length Wenn Der Regen Fällt, a work of considerable maturity and excellent fluidity, rich in melodic ideas, as in the beginning more in the gothic death doom melodic than in the funeral, which for quality purposes matters little since it is the most convincing album published by Felipe during his adventure with Aura Hiemis.

2020 – Australis Records