The Australians Myridian emerged in the first half of the last decade with two excellent albums that had put them in the launching pad to become one of the realities of good perspective in the melodic death doom, not only in Oceania. After a silence lasted five years, interrupted only by the publication of a live album, the Melbourne band comes back after having undergone a wide revision of the line-up, so much so that at present only vocalist Felix Lane remains of the founding members; the result does not disappoint and confirms the goodness of this band capable of proposing a series of songs that collect the quintessence of the genre, combining at best the roughness of death with the melancholic melodic substrate. The downside is that, unfortunately, these guys have not yet found a label able to promote the best work and this for those who operate in the southern hemisphere can be a problem even more than those operating in Europe or North America. Too bad, because Light in the Abyss has really nothing to envy to the albums of the best Finnish bands of the genre, and the only way to remedy this apparent injustice is to support Myridian through their bandcamp.

2020 – Independent