If the Spanish extreme doom scene was almost marginal in the first decade of the century, in the next one it emerged in an overbearing way with a number of high quality bands. As far as melodic death doom is concerned, the mention goes by right to Evadne and Helevorn, to which Sun Of The Dying are added, a band from Madrid with a more recent status but able to capture the attention of fans since their debut album. After that good work dating back to 2017, titled The Roar Of The Furious Sea, it’s the recent The Earth Is Silent, released in November last year, to make literally explode the talent of these musicians who, compared to the examples mentioned above, move more in the wake of the band from Valencia than the one from Majorca. The perfect mix between roughness and melancholy, cloaked by a melodic taste of the first order, finds its first proof since the second track A Dying Light that follows the canonical intro, to border on stylistic perfection in this area with Orion, magnificent song for lyricism and pathos evoked. Of course, the stylistic proximity to Evadne automatically refers to a model such as Swallow The Sun (those of the past, however, certainly not those of today) and then those looking for particular novelties will not find satisfaction here, on the contrary of those who feed on melancholic emotional surges. That’s why for all the lovers of this fringe of doom The Earth Is Silent turns out to be an unmissable piece, without weak points or interlocutors tracks, thanks to a qualitative stability that finds its sublimation both in the introspective conceptual environmentalism of When The Morning Came and, above all, in the conclusive White Skies And Grey Lands, one of the most involving tracks listened in recent times. I hope that all this is enough to convince of the goodness of the work of Sun Of The Dying, authors of one of the many thick albums published in this period rather fertile as regards the extreme doom.

2019 – AOP Records

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