As Val Atra Niteris said in an interview, the easiest Frowning‘s album to compose was just the first one, while Extinct was more difficult to realize due to the choice of making the sound heavier, Death Requiem represents an attempt of synthesis between the freshness of Funeral Impressions and its successor. The work consists of six tracks of which two are covers, one somewhat predictable since it is a song by Aphonic Threnody (band of which Val has just joined as a drummer), much less the other, being a song by the metalcore group As I Lay Dying, however, fairly twisted and bent to the genre; remain in any case almost forty minutes of unreleased music altogether much darker and it is no coincidence that the declared influences for this release are Mournful Congregation, Worship and Lycus, not exactly archetypes of the funeral more melodic and atmospheric. Although this is a very good work, a little the characteristics mentioned above, a little (or maybe especially) the fact of not having more behind a label like Solitude and then a promotional machine much more impactful than most of the other willing but small labels in the industry, Death Requiem several months after its release does not seem to have collected the attention it deserves and this confirms how these days is much more important to appear than to be.

2020 – GS Productions